#StopAnimalTesting 🐰 “I’ll be a voice for those who have none” #repost from @lions4mercy


#StopAnimalTesting 🐰 “I’ll be a voice for those who have none” #repost from @lions4mercy



Bust’d Illustrations by Tom Whalen / Website / Tumblr

8” X 8” screen prints, S/N editions of 75. One of a kind metal prints and original sketches will also be available. Artwork online Saturday, October 4th, HERE.

Part of the Bust’d art show, opening October 3rd, 2014, at Gallery1988 / Tumblr

Super awesome.


Just Lie


Ben The Bartender was annoyed with me.I was mixing depression with a big mouth, which was as bad as dairy and alcohol. I needed another drink and my attempts at getting his attention were failing. Inhibitions were low, sobriety was inevitable, and desperation was at an all time high… So I…

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"It’s mildly breezy outside."

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Me: What time is it?
Bartender: Around six.
Me: Great. I'll have a White Russian. No ice.
Bartender: Are you a doctor?
M: What?
B: You're wearing one of those hospital name tags.
M: Ha. Right… Yeah, no. I'm worse than a doctor.
B: Hospital cafeteria?
M: Even worse. At least they get paid.
B: So you're a med student.
M: That's very astute of you… Ben.
B: I hate wearing this name tag.
M: It's dehumanizing, isn't it?
B: It also itches.
M: You should show it to a doctor.
B: Or I could just take it off.
M: You could.
B: Don't think I won't.
M: Between the two of us, you're the one with enough guts to take off your name tag and not give a flying fuck about the system.
B: Damn straight.
M: You're a lucky man, Ben.
B: I used to be a student. I know what it's like.
M: Enough to buy the next round?
B: Fuck no. I have health care. I pay you already.

Asking for a huge favor from David Fincher Fans!


My birthday is THIS WEEK, Sept 24th. I’ll be turning 21. I want to make this one special!

Gone Girl will premiere at New York Film Festival (NYFF) on Sept 26th!

If ANYONE from NYC will be ATTENDING the world premiere…

I would love to get a GONE GIRL POSTER SIGNED by…

Roommate: You're going to be late.
Me: It's two people. One is early, the other is late. No one can be on time.
Roommate: You're never late.
Me: I'm playing hard to get.
R: You are hard to get.
M: Thanks.
R: It's not a good thing.
M: Did your one-night stand tell you that?
R: He did. You growled at him.
M: It was a joke. And I wanted to see if you guys would talk about me before fucking.
R: We didn't.
M: You just said you did.
R: We talked after.
M: Isn't that worse? That means you thought about me while doing it, too.
R: No... We.... Don't call it 'it' like it's something bad.
M: Irony. Redundancy. Maybe guilt. Definitely Penis Envy.
R: Virgin. Virgin. Virgin. Definitely virgin.
M: Freud would be proud of you.
R: Freud wouldn't even fuck you.
M: Not unless I discuss my roommate before doing it.

The frightening thing is that, like most of their other campaigns against women, they see themselves as just warriors fighting for what’s right. This is primarily because they firmly believe that any woman who speaks up on women’s issues is completely disingenuous and only doing it for the purposes of self-promotion, and that any man who does is looking to get laid, because they actually cannot possibly imagine a scenario in which someone would genuinely give a shit about women.
Members of this board, as well as “Men’s Rights Activists” in general, tend to go apoplectic at even the most mild implications that women might be human beings. For them, this is simply “not allowed” and must be punished swiftly and severely, as they appear to believe that feminism is the one obstacle in the way of all these pathetic neckbeards getting their pick of supermodel girlfriends who obey their every whim. The goal is to make it as uncomfortable to speak out about misogyny and women’s issues as possible, which is why they go to the wall in terms of harassing women like Emma Watson. At the end of the day, this is the crux of it. It would be sad if it weren’t so vile.

Emma Watson threatened with nude photo leak over UN speech on gender equality

Because of course she was.

OMG, this is disgusting!! Why won’t anyone close 4chan or do something about it? It’s not just because it’s Emma Watson… but for all the things they seem to think about women, for actively violating women’s privacy, for threatening women for speaking up. What. The. Fuck.

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